Most of the superhero talent is out in the states, but some of us get to run the Alliance HQ.

Sarah Audelo

Executive Director

In the office:

  • Ensures there’s always money in the bank to get local organizers paid & keep the movement building and growing by fundraising Every. Single. Day.
  • Gives voice to a generation of amazing local organizers by hyping our network in the media
  • Keeps the entire Alliance team clear-eyed, full-hearted, and unable to lose

Out of the office:

  • On a salsa, bachata, or 90s r&b dance floor
  • Grilling delicious foods
  • Giddy trips to Costco

Henry Kraemer

Program Director

In the office:

  • Leads the program team to support local youth power organizations coast-to-coast
  • Moves the policy needle on voting rights & economic justice through managing the Democracy Done Right & Broke AF issue campaigns
  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the midwest & mountains

Out of the office:

  • Meticulously maintains his Top 10 movies list
  • Regularly maxes out his phone memory with podcasts
  • Carries small dog on shoulder like a parrot
  • Drinks an obscene amount of water

Daniela Lopez

Program Coordinator

In the office:

  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the east
  • Gets our marvelous message out through digital communications
  • Boosts the brain power of our movement through coordinating research and experiments

Out of the office:

  • Enjoys tap dancing
  • Plays ukulele
  • Travels any chance she gets
  • Pets other people’s animals when they let her

Andrea Marcoccio

Organizational Health Director

In the office:

  • Strengthens youth-led organizations’ management, fundraising, and operations across the country through running our Capacity Building programs like the Youth Organizing Summit
  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the west

Out of the office:

  • Grateful partner, sister, daughter and aunt
  • Co-Founder of Matchwood Brewing Company
  • Red Ants Pants Colony Member
  • Nostalgic college athlete with innate competitive tendencies

Rita Ombaka

Operations Manager

In the office:

  • Stands watch over our finances by managing our bookkeeper, payroll processor and other financial contractors
  • Keeps us compliant with the law by maintaining our government filings & internal records
  • Ensures we’re squeaky clean by leading our annual audit and preparing our state and federal tax returns

Out of the office:

  • Perpetually craves Nando’s Peri-peri Chicken
  • Teaches classical voice lessons
  • Hair braiding extraordinaire

Sarah Stadler

Deputy Director

In the office:

  • Keeps the whole Alliance team motivated and mobilized by managing our national staff and board.
  • Provides powerful support to our entire organization by strengthening our fundraising, financials, comms, and programs

Out of the office:

  • Mountains/rivers/lakes/national parks/sloshball
  • Raises Instagram celebrity @frankie_the_labrador
  • All about a good to-do list + buddies


The Alliance for Youth Organizing have some awesomely brilliant and strategic advisors behind us. Our board[s] of directors are the kind of activists who’ve been getting it done for years -- and they make sure the raucous and riotous Alliance stays on track and on mission. The arc toward justice is bent a lot farther because of their work.

The Board of Directors of the Alliance for Youth Organizing

Affiliates listed for identification purposes only.
Liba Rubenstein, Chair
Director of Social Impact & Public Policy, Tumblr
Steven Cole-Schwartz, Vice Chair
Director, Partnership Fund
Ronnie Cho, Secretary
Vice President of Public Affairs, MTV
Cathy Lerza, Treasurer
Philanthropic Advisor
Rahna Epting
Chief of Staff, Every Voice
Saul Ettlin
Collaboration + Space Manager, Tides Foundation
Mollie Ruskin
Designer, United States Digital Service