Most of the superhero talent is out in the states, but some of us get to run the Alliance HQ.

Sarah Audelo

Executive Director

In the office:

  • Ensures there’s always money in the bank to get local organizers paid & keep the movement building and growing by fundraising Every. Single. Day.
  • Gives voice to a generation of amazing local organizers by hyping our network in the media
  • Keeps the entire Alliance team clear-eyed, full-hearted, and unable to lose

Out of the office:

  • On a salsa, bachata, or 90s r&b dance floor
  • Grilling delicious foods
  • Giddy trips to Costco

Henry Kraemer

National Campaigns Director

In the office:

  • Coordinates and supports Alliance affiliate and partner campaigns to advance voting rights wins and implement ambitious voting policy through the Democracy Done Right campaign
  • Leads the Alliance network on envelope-pushing economic justice campaigns coast-to-cast through the Broke AF campaign
  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the western United States

Out of the office:

  • Meticulously maintains his Top 10 movies list
  • Regularly maxes out his phone memory with podcasts
  • Carries small dog on shoulder like a parrot
  • Drinks an obscene amount of water

Daniela Mrabti

Program Coordinator

In the office:

  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the east
  • Gets our marvelous message out through digital communications
  • Boosts the brain power of our movement through coordinating research & experiments

Out of the office:

  • Enjoys tap dancing
  • Plays ukulele
  • Travels any chance she gets
  • Pets other people’s animals when they let her

Andrea Marcoccio

Organizational Health Director

In the office:

  • Strengthens youth-led organizations’ management, fundraising, and operations across the country through running our Capacity Building programs like the Youth Organizing Summit
  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the west

Out of the office:

  • Grateful partner, sister, daughter and aunt
  • Co-Founder of Matchwood Brewing Company
  • Red Ants Pants Colony Member
  • Nostalgic college athlete with innate competitive tendencies

Jacque Grimsley

Operations Director

In the office:

  • Creates and manages efficient systems to keep the organization running smoothly on the backend.
  • Maintains financial and administrative operations so that nothing falls through the cracks. Ever.
  • Strengthens human resources to ensure that the Alliance continues to be an equitable (and awesome) place to work.

Out of the office:

  • Lover of outdoor activities, primarily of the coastal variety.
  • Re-watches 30 Rock (over and over) in search of previously missed jokes.
  • Self declared sommelier of wine under $15.

Scarlett Jimenez

Development Associate

In the office:

  • Pens powerful proposals to bring in the money
  • Meeting-making meistra for our Executive Director
  • Motivates the entire team to get on the fundraising chase

Out of the office:

  • Practices her French over a plate of crêpes
  • Takes shameless amounts of pictures of her shih-tzu, Sage
  • Waiting for the day Mindy Kaling realizes they were meant to be best friends
  • Regularly trips over her own two feet


The Alliance for Youth Organizing have some awesomely brilliant and strategic advisors behind us. Our board[s] of directors are the kind of activists who’ve been getting it done for years -- and they make sure the raucous and riotous Alliance stays on track and on mission. The arc toward justice is bent a lot farther because of their work.

The Board of Directors of the Alliance for Youth Organizing

Affiliates listed for identification purposes only.
Rahna Epting, Chair
Director of Strategic Partnerships,
Steven Cole-Schwartz, Vice Chair
Director, Partnership Fund
Ronnie Cho, Secretary
Cathy Lerza
Philanthropic Advisor
Liba Rubenstein
Senior Vice President of Social Impact, 21st Century Fox
Saul Ettlin
Nonprofit Real Estate Consultant, Northern California Community Loan Fund
Mollie Ruskin
Independent Civic Designer and Researcher
Crystal Patterson
Government & Politics Outreach Manager, Facebook
Kim Rogers
Cuong Hoang
Director of Programs, Mott Philanthropic