Youth Organizing Summit
Uniting our generation to unbreak our country

The Youth Organizing Summit 2018 was for young leaders to get our ish together for the fight. 632 young leaders from 40 states came together to debrief 2016, identify needs and opportunities to fight back, and grow the skills and connections we need to build political power of our very own.

It was a space for all young people who believe in justice – across race, class, gender, and all identities – and who are ready to fight and win. After an amazing first summit, we’re working to follow up and build for the future.

A Connected, Trained, Empowered Movement
  1. 1

    Understanding the Political Context

    • Debriefing the last cycle in organizing & elections
    • Understanding changes in culture and power
  2. 2

    Gaining Skills to Grow Power

    • Planning & engaging in strategic direct actions
    • Leveraging grassroots power & organizer expertise to advance progressive policy
    • Engaging masses of young people to make an impact in elections
  3. 3

    Planning to Make Big Change

    • Identifying key fights and places to leverage our generation's power
    • Connecting to other people in your state or region to strengthen your local movement
    • Sketching out a plan to shift the balance of power
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