Celebrating Democracy on Campuses Across the Country


National Voter Registration Day

September 25,2018

National Voter Registration Day is the nation’s single largest one-day effort to register voters. The holiday was founded in 2012 in an effort to help register the millions of Americans a year who find themselves unable to vote because they miss a voter registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or are unsure how to register. Since its inception, National Voter Registration Day has turned into a huge holiday celebrated nationwide by thousands of partners and volunteers. This year, we are celebrating National Voter Registration Day by launching a new program called Campus Takeover

Campus Takeover

Campus Takeover is an effort to mobilize a mass number of students across the country for the 2018 midterm elections and beyond by registering them to vote, creating celebratory environments around voting, and fostering a culture of civic engagement on campuses.

The Alliance for Youth Organizing and Young Invincibles have joined forces to co-lead the Campus Takeover program for National Voter Registration Day because we believe that our democracy is stronger when more people participate in it – especially students. We envision “Campus Takeover” to not just include a takeover of each individual campus, but a takeover of hundreds of campuses across the country. This large endeavor requires the teamwork and unique experiences of both our organizations. In partnership, we hope to share and make accessible our collective knowledge, resources, experience, strategies, and plans, to contribute to the most successful National Voter Registration Day ever!

Want to get involved?



Have questions about participating in Campus Takeover? Want additional support? You can email Daniela Mrabti at daniela@allianceforyouthorganizing.org or sign up for a phone call with Daniela Mrabti at https://calendly.com/danielamrabti/alliance.