Proposal Submission Instructions

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Responses due:  Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed as they are received.

  • Budget: Up to $10,000 for January 2020 meeting, exclusive of travel and lodging costs. 


Background information

The Alliance for Youth Action and the Alliance for Youth Organizing are youth-driven nonprofits that support a federated network of state based organizations all over the country in their grassroots organizing and advocacy work. At the heart of our work is 2 Boards and 11 Affiliate organizations who drive our network strategy and hold us accountable to our shared goals and values. We have 3 meetings total per year with each of these governing bodies (Boards and Affiliate Executive Directors—“Conclave”), and aim for one overlap meeting per year, usually in the spring.

We are seeking an experienced meeting facilitator to work with the team on a meeting involving Alliance Staff, Alliance Boards, and “Conclave” to do 2020 post-election scenario planning. The in person meeting will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 23rd and 24th, 2020.


Desired meeting outcomes 

  • Stakeholder alignment on key considerations for the Alliance network based on potential Presidential election outcomes. Including, but not limited to:
    • Strategies and tactics for immediate action based on all possible Presidential election outcomes.
    • Values and decision making principles for acting as a network in the short and long term based on all possible Presidential election outcomes. 
  • Initial plan and strategy for short-term 2020 post-election scenarios for further refinement post meeting, including next steps of engagement post election and 2021 work that can feed into the next strategic plan (2021-2025). 
  • Strengthened relationships between Alliance Board Members, Staff, and Executive Directors within our network. 


Who we’re looking for

A facilitator or small team of facilitators well-versed in: 

  • Movement building & equity centered organizing.
  • Scenario and/or strategic planning.
  • Rapid growth and scaling challenges in nonprofit networks and individual organizations.
  • Engaging a variety of stakeholders in a large group setting to achieve consensus or a specific outcome.
  • Managing challenging conversations.
  • The Alliance team is based in Washington, DC with Affiliates located all over the country—so you could be based anywhere for this work.


Anticipated Activities 

Could be subject to slight changes depending on planning and timeline

  • Work with the Alliance team to plan an in-person meeting that allows the group to work through various scenarios for post 2020 election outcomes. Group will include Alliance Boards, Affiliate EDs (Conclave), and the Leadership team from the Alliance. Alliance staff that are not on the Leadership team will not be present for the in-person meeting, but we would like to have their perspectives incorporated into the meeting space.
    • Day 1 with Conclave only
    • Day 2 with Conclave, Boards, and Leadership team of the Alliance. 
  • Meeting planning may include:
    • Develop the timeline for preparation & planning associated with the meeting.
    • Get acquainted with organizational structure and network through conversations with Alliance staff and by reading key materials.
    • Work with stakeholders to develop agenda and timing to generate productive dialogue and develop relevant prep work to ensure all parties are adequately prepared for the planned discussions. Prep work could include:
      • In person/virtual preparation meetings with Alliance staff,  Board members, and Affiliate Executive Directors (Conclave).
      • Development and distribution of pre-reading or pre-work assignments for the group prior to the meeting.
      • Incorporation of the perspectives of staff that may not be present at the meeting.
  • Attend and facilitate the meeting in New Orleans, LA on January 23rd and 24th. For the in-person meeting we anticipate ~40 participants. 
  • Attend an evening social event on January 23rd (between the two meeting dates) to get acquainted with all participants. 
  • Incorporate relationship-building components within the meeting. 
  • Using your own observations from the meeting and feedback from Alliance staff, work with the Alliance Leadership Team to create a draft plan and/or report from the meeting and present recommendations about how to best facilitate future meetings to carry the work forward.


Required Proposal Contents 

Please keep proposal to 5 pages or less. 

  • Brief overview of your practice (organization, company, independent work, etc.), including a short introduction to you/your team.
  • A brief description of prior nonprofit facilitation experience. Please include 2-3 examples of relevant facilitation(s) conducted, with at least one being specifically about scenario planning. Examples of work with networked organizations and/or federated models are especially appreciated.
  • Topline overview of how you would approach addressing the needs outlined in this RFP.
  • How you would consider equity throughout the facilitation.
  • Proposed budget.
  • A list of 3 references.



  • In person meetings January 23rd – 24th, inclusive of travel. Possible additional meetings in 2020 if a longer term working partnership is desired.
  • Travel and lodging covered separately by the Alliance.

Relevant Materials Available 

  • Alliance Strategic Plan (2016-2020)
  • Values of Conclave